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Dec 09 2011

Are we there yet?

Once again, I’m stumbling around the internet searching for drops of information that might paint a clearer picture of what my life might consist of during the next two years. I can’t seem to contain myself. I’m daydreaming about June, i’m fantasizing about August and i’m living for May. Frankly, it’s annoying to combat the daily realization that I am a 2012 corps member, but I haven’t graduated yet. I’m about to start living my dream! But, first, I have class! and finals week! Ugh.  Do I really have to wait six months for induction?

I think I’m in a slightly different position than many of the other 2012 corps members because I’m majoring in middle grade education. I’ve  already dedicated many hours to placement and i’ve developed a basic pedagogy that’s been challenged and strengthened over the past year and a half; I don’t think that this will make me automatically proficient in the field, but I am anticipating some familiarity with the theories, terms, and basic framework. My college program places education majors into a cohort and we complete a rigorous schedule of placement and classes with the same peers. My cohort consists of 24 members who collaborate on assignments. From what I understand, TFA also focuses on collaboration and interpersonal relationships. I’m absolutely positive that I’ll be overwhelmed and nervous during institution, like many other corps members, but i’m so tremendously excited to already have my dream in my hands: I’m a part of a powerful movement that’s dedicated to educating our youth and i’m able to travel while doing what I love.  I think my dedication to teaching during college will help me to be persistent in my efforts, but I’m so ready for this adventure to begin that it’s almost painful to sit through classes knowing how close I am to a reality that i’ve been working towards for years.

For the next six months, consider me the toddler in the back of the car screaming “are we there yet?”

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  1. els

    I totally remember feeling the EXACT same way this time last year!! Hang on, it’ll go by faster than you think!

  2. Lauren

    I’m in the EXACT SAME BOAT! So, so excited to start actually teaching, to have my own classroom, my own students…it all seems so surreal. Like you, I’m also studying education (minoring in secondary ed.) so I’m hoping that I’ll be on top of my game come institute. I’ve heard that the best thing to do is to go through all your teacher resources that you’ve used throughout the past few years, and figure out what you should bring with you to institute. Good luck!

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