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Jan 22 2012

I have a habit of getting ahead of myself…

Is this thing on?


I’ve been reading a bunch of TFA statistics, other blogs on teachforus, and their experiences  during their first two years but I’m pretty curious about life after your first two years.  Ideally, I want to be a teacher for a substantial portion of my life. How do I best accomplish this? What else am I trying to accomplish? Can I stay in TFA indefinitely? Can I request other locations? Could I work with admissions in TFA? Should I do any of those things? How does life work after two years in the corps?


Feedback much appreciated.

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  1. mches

    I’m not quite done with my two years as a CM but I plan on teaching for years to come.

    My understanding is that once you’ve finished the two years, you are free to do as you please as an alum. So, I don’t know if you are officially “in TFA” at that point but it seems like once a member, always a member.

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