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May 18 2012

Hiccups and Blessings

The buzzing of the vending machines is soothing my busy mind. I’m crouched by the on-call room because it’s cooler than the ICU waiting room and, frankly, it’s unsettling being around the surge of emotion contained in that room. Thankfully, I am actually celebrating my time here at Emory Hospital. My father finally had his lung transplant! I’m thrilled at the timing. I just graduated with honors from GC&SU and my dad was able to attend. On May 29, I’ll leave for induction in South Carolina and my dad will hopefully be well enough to begin his healing at home and I won’t be in a panic worried he’ll get the call while I’m away. During my time at Institute in Atlanta, I anticipate his full recovery so that he can travel with me when I move into a new place in SC! I just wish I had a placement so I could have a better mental picture of the upcoming year.

I was scheduled for 3 phone interviews this round and one was the same day as my father got the call.  I had to reschedule, but the staff seemed very flexible and understanding. I completed the other two interviews in a quiet little nook in the hospital. I had done enough preparation before we got the call so I felt fairly confident in my focus and responses. Forward prep is not always my forte; I was lucky with the way this worked out. I am learning so much about flexibility and rolling with the punches. My undergrad education cohort experiences helped me with this so much, but it’s always good to be reminded that I am not in control of the universe and should really only focus on controlling myself ;)

I’ll be honest, I’m a professional procrastinator. I need the urgency of “will I make this deadline?” to help my focus. I work well under pressure, perhaps too well, and it leads me to be a bit cocky with how I allot my time. I need to change this habit so that I can handle all the hiccups, hidden curriculum, and turbulence of my first year of teaching in a way that is beneficial to my students. On that note, I should log off here and get to work on all the pre-institute assignments…   it’s so overwhelming! There is much to be done. So many papers to gather, things to pack, documents to fill out, etc! Yikes. Here’s to hoping I handle the stress with the strength that my dad is showing me as he recovers!

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