We together make a limb

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Jun 18 2013

The Great Paper Debate

Well, I certainty started this blog with intentions of regular update that were fostered by my own habit of scouring the web for more information about the possibilities of this experience before I, well, experienced it. Oops. Failed that endeavor. I’m now officially a second year TFA corps member and I have found that something (or a…

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May 20 2013

Essay Writers In The Us

Denver School: Last year, Co acquired 551 Early Decision I programs, 125 Early Activity applications and 3, representing nearly 50-percent of the last essay writers in the us candidate pool. But despite national demographics displaying the variety of U.S. Todate, Co has acquired 555 Early Decision I purposes. Up to now this year, Kenyon can…

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I’m a problem-solver. I pride myself on my ability to dive into a situation and work toward a solution. I don’t really get emotional when I know there’s work to do. Sure, I get overwhelmed or tired. I get stressed. But I don’t usually get emotional. Teach for America promised me new experiences and they’ve…

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Jun 03 2012

I believe I can fly

Induction is nearly over. I’ll be waking up in a few short hours to drive from South Carolina to Georgia Tech. It’s amaing that so many people from so many backgrounds have come together for a common vision. Albeit, my experience will be different as I will arrive late in an effort to spend time with…

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May 18 2012

Hiccups and Blessings

The buzzing of the vending machines is soothing my busy mind. I’m crouched by the on-call room because it’s cooler than the ICU waiting room and, frankly, it’s unsettling being around the surge of emotion contained in that room. Thankfully, I am actually celebrating my time here at Emory Hospital. My father finally had his…

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Feb 02 2012

I teach.

I teach!   I’m strongly considering using the note card confession trend as an introduction during the first week or so. Click the link for a video my colleagues created. I cant figure out how to embed the video here.

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Is this thing on?   I’ve been reading a bunch of TFA statistics, other blogs on teachforus, and their experiences  during their first two years but I’m pretty curious about life after your first two years.  Ideally, I want to be a teacher for a substantial portion of my life. How do I best accomplish this? What else…

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Dec 09 2011

Are we there yet?

Once again, I’m stumbling around the internet searching for drops of information that might paint a clearer picture of what my life might consist of during the next two years. I can’t seem to contain myself. I’m daydreaming about June, i’m fantasizing about August and i’m living for May. Frankly, it’s annoying to combat the…

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Nov 12 2011

We together make a limb

I’m thrilled to be a 2012 corps member! As my journey to bring equal education to my placement region continues, I’ll blog about my perspective and dispositions. I’m really looking forward to developing as a teacher and an individual I’m currently studying Middle Grades Education and Geology at Georgia College and State University. Originally, my…

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